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Taylor Steele is an award-winning director/producer who has dominated the surf film industry for over a decade.
Fifteen pounds lighter at the end of 2007's Southeast Asia shoot, Taylor Steele will definitely pack a lunch next time he treks to the rural outskirts of South Vietnam. As director/filmer/producer of nearly 20 genre-defining surf movies — including classic titles like Momentum, Shelter and Campaign — his leading role on the Sipping Jetstreams film is all too clear: the director, the direction and the direct connection to stunning surf visuals.
Steele's films have won awards at the Surfer Poll (The Show), X-Dance (Shelter, Sipping Jetstreams), and the ESPN Action Sports Award (Hallowed Ground), as well as a Billboard Nomination for his work on music videos. He has been named among the surfing's 25 Most Powerful People and 10 Most Influential People, and continues to work in a hands-on manner on all elements of the project, from operating cameras and driving vehicles to organizing crew members and scouting locations; in 2007, he released the highly anticipated Taj Burrow, Andy Irons, Joel Parkinson profile film, Trilogy, and in 2008, he released the high-performance film Stranger Than Fiction.
And for 2009, he is currently completing a Rob Machado travel profile, The Drifter, as well as producing a new Drive Thru, Kai Neville's Modern Collective and Days of Strange.
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